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Paper Beads

November 19, 2015

Paper Beads

Paper beads are hand made in Nicaragua from recycled magazines donated by travelers, calendars, pantone chips, and other paper products printed with beautiful colors. Each paper bead is unique and is an expression of the individual artist. Nica artisans use pattern and color placement to create fascinating variety. Each bead is sealed with professional paper glaze making these mini works of art water resistant.

Nica Life works with women artisans to create paper beads as well as the girls of UPNicaragua- an organization that rescues young girls from sex trafficking. The girls spend 9 hours a week with UPNicaragua. During this time, they often spend time around a table talking about their dreams, goals, and self esteem. This time is not unlike time children might spend with their families around a dinner table. While they talk, they bead. For these girls, beading is part of the therapy. 

Wear your paper bead necklace with pride- and know that you are changing lives!