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Artists and Community Leaders of Diriamba

November 23, 2015

Diriamba is a municipality in the area of Carazo, near Pacific. It is a town where many communities are away from urban center and have low income and difficulty accessing employment and basic services. An organization "Association pro Ayuda a la Ninez Nicaraguense" (APAN) works in the area for the defense of the rights of children, adolescents, youth and families in extreme poverty and social risk.

The heart of the Diriamba organization is two special women, Janina and Herenia, who are passionate about arts, crafts and sewing, and live in the rural districts of Diriamba. They are deeply dedicated to education and career for both themselves and for women in the community. Their work in APAN is voluntary, receiving a salary way under the minimum wage. But this does not curb their motivation, both tackle the work with enthusiasm and continue to learn every day.

Janina and Herenia dream of training many more of the women in their community for work that provides an income that will allow them to have a good life. Though they are fantastic and passionate teachers, it is difficult to find an outlet for the crafts they teach. Diriamba is not a main tourist attraction. As Nica Life grows, it can become an avenue that allows Janina, Herenia and other women of Diriamba a way to generate sustainable revenue, to increase their self-esteem, and become independent of their families.

Janina and Herenia making Cystic Fibrosis Necklaces for a cure.