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Fun at Chomp and Stomp

November 18, 2015

Nica Life had a great time at Chomp and Stomp Chili Cook Off on Nov 7th in Atlanta. We met a ton of great supportive people, sold some beautiful handmade jewelry, and the rain even held off! 

Below are a few pics of Nica Life Jewelry taken at the show. The long layering necklaces look awesome with plaid if we do say so ourselves! 

And a picture of Santa in our Booth:

Thank you for coming to Atlanta to help Santa!

And we met other great companies. Like Emilime, a fantastic organization that provides jobs for women in Peru making these awesome scarves, hats, and gloves. Stay warm while providing jobs this winter! 

Get them here:

And this cute company that makes handmade fabrics and then turns them into dog collars. Just for fun! 

Get them here:

Thanks again to all the great volunteers that set up the event! We definitely hope to see everyone again next year!