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Our Story

The Nica Life Project was started in early 2015 by one couple with big dreams. Liz and Jerry share a passion for traveling, but they don’t always love the hardship they see while experiencing other cultures. They thought, “What if we could do more than just leave a donation? What if we could really make a difference?”

Nicaragua has a special place in their hearts, due to Jerry’s family connection and the enduring spirit of Nica’s people. Inspired by the artisans of Nicaragua and the laid back style found on Nica’s beaches, Nica Life was born.

Liz and Jerry collaborate with the artisans of Nicaragua to blend Nica style with U.S. boho style. Nica Life employs the artisans of Nicaragua make the jewelry so that they can feed their families.

This work keeps Nica artisans out of the coffee fields where they perform back breaking labor for as little as $1.50 per day. Jewelry making keeps them in their communities with their children, and provides a much better living. To learn more about the artisans of Nica Life, please visit our blog.



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