Brand Ambassador FAQs

I love your mission to empower women. How can I help?

Our products fund both the fair wages for our artisans and our education programs. So the very best way to help, is to tell people about Nica Life & our mission and help us sell more of our products! Join our Sister Squad ambassador program to help us spread the word and be rewarded for the sales you get!

What is a Nica Life Ambassador/the Sister Squad?

A Nica Life Ambassador joins our team because she is passionate about improving the world around her and believes in women empowering women. She is outgoing, loves people, and loves using social media to interact with them and to be creative. And of course, she loves Nica Life! An ambassador is the face of Nica Life to her community. She tells her network about our mission to empower women. 

Who can join?

If you are 18 or over, love Nica Life, love social media and/or talking to people, and want to help us empower women and girls, you would be an awesome brand ambassador!

How do I sign up?

Fill out all the information on the application form and submit it to our team for approval. You must be 18 or over to be an ambassador. You must include your social media handles so that we are able to verify that your content meets our brand standards. More about that here. You must have a Paypal account for commission deposits to be approved.

When will I hear back after I apply?

We try very hard to get back to everyone within a week, and will do our best to respond sooner if we are able to!

Are your ambassadors paid?

Yes! Our ambassadors receive a 10% commission on any sales they refer to us through their unique url or when customers use their coupon codes. If you are telling your family and friends how much you love Nica Life, you might as well get some perks!

How are your ambassadors paid? 

We use Paypal to pay ambassadors for sales. It's easy and free! You must enter your Paypal email when signing up for our program. If you don't have a Paypal account sign up for one here. We pay ambassadors twice a month. Payment will be made to your Paypal once you earn $5 or more in commissions. There will be a 2 week delay after commissions are earned to be sure none of your sales are returned. We want to be sure there is no need to ever return commissions! 

Do I get commissions when I buy something? 

No, ambassadors do not receive commissions on the items they purchase. Since ambassadors are the first to know about all our specials, they are already getting a great deal! :)

Are there other perks for ambassadors?

Absolutely! We are so excited you believe in our mission and want to join our squad. Ambassadors will have access to special discounts, receive products and rewards for reaching goals, and be the first to know about new products and updates with our programs.

What are the ambassador reward tiers? 

We want to reward you for supporting our artisans and our programs! So, as you reach sales goals we will send you exclusive Nica Life perks!

Granada Status- When your ambassador account is approved you will reach the Granada tier! Many great vacations start in Granada, Nicaragua. It's also the location of our Nica headquarters and we couldn't think of a better place for our ambassadors to start. : ) For signing up you will get a 50% off coupon and an awesome digi download just for our Sister Squad.

Mombacho Status- Get three sales and you'll reach Mombacho Status. Come check out the views from this dormant volcano overlooking Granada. Once you make it here you'll get an exclusive Sister Squad bracelet and sticker. 

Maderas Status- Get seven sales and we think you'll deserve a day at the beach! Playa Maderas is one of the most popular surf beaches in Nicaragua. When you make it here we'll send you an exclusive Sister Squad choker! 

What happens after 7 sales? Stay tuned! We have more tiers in the works and our ambassadors will be the first to hear about them! 

Each reward can only be reached once. Your sales count won't reset monthly or annually so keep working toward that new status. 

When will I get my rewards? 

We tally orders each week. When you reach a new tier you will receive an email with a password unlocking the ability to order your prize pack (for FREE of course!) It will ship within a day or two of your order! 

How do I check my orders and commissions? 

You can check your stats on your ambassador dashboard here. You will be able to see how many clicks your ambassador/affiliate links have received, all your orders, and your commission information. Need more help? Download the dashboard guide here

What is my ambassador log in?

You will need the email you used to register and the password you created. If you have forgotten your passport, you will need to use the forgot your password link on the dashboard login page. Our team does not have access to ambassador passwords. 

What can I use for my coupon code?

We recommend using your first and last name or something similar. We recommend including the number 15 so it is easy for your followers to understand that they will receive 15% off. You may not use someone else's name/blog/handle etc. We do not allow the use of retail store names. Inappropriate or vulgar names are strictly prohibited. Violations of these policies will cause you to be removed from the program. 

Can I change my coupon code?

Unfortunately no, we are not able to handle requests to change codes once they are approved. The exceptions to this would be if you got married, or if your name is misspelled. 

Can my code be combined with other discounts? 

Unfortunately no, the website is only able to process one coupon code per order. But, no worries! You can still get credit for sales made with other coupon codes if your followers used your link to get to our page. So- feel free to promote other promotions we are offering. You can even get your own links to specific collections! Learn more about that here

Why isn't my code working?

If your friends and followers are subscribing for our Education Angels program your discount code will not work. We are not able to offer commissions on these subscriptions as 100% off the profits go to Nica Life & UPNicaragua programs. 

What are your program rules? 

Great question! Read our rules here

Other questions? 

Email us at