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Our Artisans

Artisan Ana (Anita)

Bio: Ana (her friends call her Anita) is a 60 year old social worker that dedicates her life to children and adolescents. She fights against the violence of women by working with women's center Ixchen and ACONIFA. Learn More
Favorite Product: Teal Spike
Inspirational Word: Accion (Action) 


Artisan Cristian

Bio: Cristian is a 33 year old artisan. She has 3 children - 2 boys and 1 girl. Cristian lives together with Anita in Adelita. In addition to her work with Nica Life, she works with UPNicaragua, an organization that works with at risk girls.  Learn more
Favorite Product: Pink Stone Triangle Necklace
Inspiration Word: Motivacion (Motivation)


Artisan Elena

Bio: Elena is a mother of two children, one of which who has down syndrome. She lives with her family in a remote district of Granada near the isletas. Her favorite spot in Nicaragua is the beautiful and lively Central Park in the heart of Granada.

Artisan Eva

Bio: Eva was a preschool arts teacher for 11 years when a lack of funds forced her school to close. She is now putting her creative talents to good use with Nica Life and is able to work from home while watching after her two children.


Artisan Fatima 

Bio:  Fatima works in her house making Nica Life jewelry. She loves this work and it allows her to make a living even though health problems sometimes make it hard to get out of the house. Despite these struggles, she loves to give back to her community. She spends many days volunteering at a nearby nursing home working with people in her community. 
Favorite Product: Teal Day to Night Necklace
Inspirational Word: Creatividad (Creativity) 


Artisan Jeaneth

Bio: Jeaneth works at home with her brother Juan and sister Valeska making Nica Life jewelry. She helps raise her nieces, it is common in Nicaragua for extended family to live together and share family responsibilities. She tells us that she loves children and hopes to have her own one day when she has achieved financial stability. Currently she is studying twice a week to get her high school education. She also spends time working with Juan fighting for better opportunities for her community's children. 
Favorite Product: Tribal Multicolor Dot Necklace
Inspirational Word: Sonar (Dream)


Artisan Jenifer

Bio: Jenifer works in her home making Nica Life jewelry in addition to working at the local gym Pure. She is recently married and hopes to have a family one day. She loves working on speaking English and hopes that skill will allow her family to have more opportunities. 
Favorite Product: Black Spike
Inspirational Word: Fe (Faith)

Artisan Juan


Bio: Juan Hurtado Martinez is 22 years old and considers himself a social entrepreneur. He has attended many different training classes designed to teach him how to support children and adolescents that suffer from poverty, repression, or abuse. Those sessions have motivated him to do as much as he can for the children and adolescents of his community. He works and volunteers with UPNicaragua and makes the unique and beautiful paper beads used in the Nica Life Paper Bead Collection. Learn more 
Favorite Product: Multistone Triangle 
Inspiration Word: Educacion (Education) 


Artisan Keyri

Bio: Keyri studied graphic design, but struggled to land a job when civil unrest hit Nicaragua in 2018. She enjoys cooking, watching movies and spending time with her dog. Keyri’s favorite part of Nicaragua are the beautiful church porticos of Granada.

Artisan Lisseth

Bio: Lisseth has three kids and loves to spend time playing and studying with them. Her favorite place is Lake Nicaragua where her kids can play in the waves on the lakefront. Lisseth joined Nica Life when she lost her job during the civil unrest in 2018.

Artisan Maria


Bio: Maria works with her mother Anita and sister Cristian making Nica Life jewelry at home. This allows her to spend her day with her young children. She is interested in continuing her education and learning English. She plans to participate in the Nica Life Education program as it grow. In addition, she works alongside her mother fighting for the children of her community to have better lives. 
Favorite Product: Red & Black Alternating Asymmetrical
Inspiration Word: Esfuerzo (Effort)

Artisan Massiel

Bio: Massiel is from the small town of San Juan del Oriente, known for its ceramic arts & crafts. One of her favorite places to visit in Nicaragua is Laguna de Apoyo. Prior to the crisis in 2018, Massiel was teaching Spanish to tourists in Granada.


Artisan Mercedes

Bio: Mercedes lives in a small town at the edge of Laguna de Apoyo. She enjoys folk dancing and attending church in her free time. Mercedes studied sustainable tourism and was teaching Spanish to foreign visitors in Granada before the crisis hit in 2018.

Artisan Milagro

Bio: Milagro has a degree in science and literature and was teaching Spanish in Granada until the crisis hit in 2018. She enjoys arts & crafts with her son and spending time with family. Her favorite spot in Nicaragua is the island of Ometepe. 


Artisan Valeska

Bio: Valeska works with her brother Juan and sister Jeaneth making Nica Life jewelry at home. This allows her to spend her day with her young children. Along with other members of her family she weaves beautiful grass mats to sell in the community which supplements their income. She also works alongside Juan to improve the lives of the children in their community.
Favorite Product: Teal & Purple Beaded Bracelet 
Inspiration Word: Paz (Peace)


Other Partners


Bio: Nica Life supports this wonderful organization in Granada with the purchase paper beads for the Paper Bead Collection. UPNicaragua aims to empower Nicaraguan girls. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty and prevent abuse and exploitation. The organization invests in teaching them life skills, vocational skills and connects them to a healthy network of community role models. Learn more


The Women of El Plomo

El Plomo is just outside Matagalpa.  Many families in this community have members with disabilities and health problems, some think this is because of the lead (translation of “el plomo” from Spanish) which can be found in the ground, and perhaps through the water consumed by the community. Even as they struggle with this, the people are fighting for their families and have been actively seeking a way to improve their lives.

The women of El Plomo started a group in 2006 that makes jewelry and other items for tourists to support their families and the community. They create beautiful jewelry and have had success with their shop. However sometimes when it is not tourist season, they work with Nica Life to supplement their income. Their workshop also seeks to support the local children. The children collect the seeds for jewelry making and in exchange the women give them educational materials such as notebooks, pencils etc. Also in the workshop there is a small library in which children carry out their research or school homework. Browse our Rustic Seed Necklaces to help support these amazing women!