Introducing Our New Well-Being & Empowerment Program!

October 26, 2019

Introducing Our New Well-Being & Empowerment Program!

A little over a year ago Nica Life returned to normal operations after the most violent period of civil unrest passed. We knew we needed to rethink our programs, because the needs of our team had changed. Like all Nicaraguans, they are living in very stressful times. Along with their families & children, they have witnessed violence. Unemployment is rising dramatically along with the prices of basic goods. No one is sure what will happen next. It is difficult to feel confident and positive about the future in an environment like this.

Our Operations Manager, Santa, jumped right in and began researching how we could help. She came up with ideas such as holding a Stress Management & Focus workshop for our artisans. She began a month of meditation for our team. Because of this amazing work she was promoted to Program Manager and now oversees both our operations and is in charge of developing our education & development programs. Over the last several months she has spent much time researching what the team needs as well as developing programs and ways to measure impact.

After all this work and planning, we are so excited to announce our new Well-Being & Empowerment Program! And so happy to welcome Margarita to the team! Each artisan and her family will work with Margarita, a talented phycologist, to help navigate life’s stresses. She will work with them together as a family, so they will have tips to best support each other. Though individual situations will be kept confidential, but overall impact analysis will guide future modules. Margarita and Santa make recommendations for other workshop/sessions that could help all these amazing women & their families reach their life goals.For example, the team has recently participated in a Personal Finance Workshop.

This program also includes weekly yoga & meditation sessions with local expert Fabiola. In these session women learn to take time for themselves, how to manage stress, and strategies for self care. 

We are so proud of these women and this work! The best way to support it is through the purchase of Nica Life, especially our products that were developed as fundraisers such as our Scholarship Stacks or our Education Bracelets. Thank you to all of you that support the work we do, we are so grateful. Shop Stacks. Shop Education Bracelets.


Meditation class, Granada Nicaragua