About us

Our Story

Liz & Jerry founded Nica Life to create fair trade jobs and opportunity in underserved areas of Nicaragua. At Nica Life, we believe that to break the cycle of poverty, women must have access to both a living wage and education. We are committed to paying living wages and funding education & development programs for all our artisans.


To create a global community where women empower women through the exchange of intentional and inspiring products for a living wage.


Nica Life artisans hand make and sign each piece of jewelry. Check the back of the tag/card to see who made yours. Visit our artisan page to learn more about the amazing woman you are supporting!

For a Living Wage

We are committed to providing a living wage so, in 2019 we analyzed the impact of civil unrest Nicaragua. The findings caused us to raise wages & change our operations to ensure that our artisans can provide for their families.

To FUnd Education

Last year we launched our Well-Being & Empowerment program and committed to funding the 18-month UPNicaragua fellowship, which seeks to empower a young generation of Nicaraguan girls. Learn more about Our Programs.