Live in Atlanta? Join the Nica Life #Reliefsquad!

We need your help! Currently, the Nica Life team cannot get in and out of Nicaragua due to the dangerous conditions on the roads. This means no product coming to the states, and no salaries going into Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is in crisis. What initially began as peaceful protests has evolved into countrywide conflicts. More than 300 people, including children, have died since anti-government protests began, several hundred have disappeared and over 2,000 have been injured.

Our artisans are not working. Which means that without you, they will have no income. Savings won't last long and they have families to feed. 

Come to one of our volunteer parties and earn a wage for an artisan! Sign up here. In exchange for your time, you will get a fun night with new friends, dinner, and an exclusive volunteer bracelet! 

Don't live in Atlanta? Donate here. Funds will first be used to be sure our artisans are paid. Remaining funds will go to our education programs.